About Me

  • Generative Models
  • Ethical AI
  • Probabilistic Programming
  • Graph Methods
  • Compositionality
  • MS in Computer Science, 2018
    The University of Chicago
  • BA in Mathematics, 2018
    The University of Chicago

Hi! I am a software engineer at Charles River Analytics and ML researcher broadly interested in machine cognition and statistical inference. My work at CRA has focused on Monte-Carlo Methods, probabilistic programming, and full-stack development.

Outside of industry, I am an open-source contributer to Eleuther AI and recently collaborated on a number of submissions to the Google BIG-Bench project, developing benchmarks to evaluate Large Language Models. Take a look at some of my other projects here.

I’m helping to organize the ML Collective social at ICLR, make sure to check out some of the RFPs researchers have put out.